Frequently Asked Questions

Does your program pricing have an expiration date?

          Yes, much like our competitors, our program pricing has an expiration date.  Our is April 30th annually.

Do you have lease fees?

          Yes, if the delivered gallons within any calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 31) falls below 500 gallons, you will be charged a lease fee in March of the following year.

What happens if I run out of prebuy gallons?

          If you run out of your pre-bought gallons before the expiration date of April 30th, your price will revert to the current market rate.

Am I limited as to how much I can prebuy?

          The minimum allowed prebuy is 500 gallons up to whatever you deem necessary to get you through the heating season.

What happens if I have prebuy gallons left after April 30th?

          The leftover gallons are converted into a credit dollar amount and remains on your account for you to use as you see fit.

I am a seasonal resident.  Can I be on Keep Full?

          Yes, but per the lease agreement, seasonal customers must report the tank percentage when the gauge reaches 30%.

Am I taken off Keep Full status once my prebuy is used up?

          No, if you wish to be taken off Keep Full, you must contact us once your prebuy gallons are used up.  Likewise, you must contact us to reinstate Keep Full when you
          prebuy again next season.

Does the program fee go towards fuel?

          No, the program fee is likened to an annual insurance premium.  It ensures that if the market rate goes up, your deliverable per gallon price remains the same according
         to the program guidelines. 

Does my driveway need to be plowed?

          Yes, your driveway must be clear of any obstruction, snow, and ice for the safety of our drivers and as not to delay your delivery.

When should I call for fuel?

          Keep Full and Will Call customers alike should call anytime the tank gauge reads 30%.

What happens if I run out of fuel?

          Will Call customers may be charged any of the following fees:  24 Hr Delivery Charge, Leak Check and/or Call Out Fee.  We are required by law to do
          leak checks on tanks that have run out of propane.

Who is responsible for maintaining the tank?

          Fick & Sons maintains the tank and regulators.  Customers are responsible for the underground gas line, any piping, and appliances inside the house/garage.

Do you charge to pick up a tank?

           As long as the tank is empty and the company owned regulators and blocks are obtainable, there is no charge.

Question not answered?

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